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Daniel's Kindness

Daniel was poor and yet so kind by nature. He lived in a small thatched house next to a tiny little river. He was a domestic aid to all the villagers. Daniel was the first person people noticed especially when there's someone else's marriage or funeral functions. The service orientation, Daniel showcased was praiseworthy. Daniel failed to make a successful course of life initially. And you can't have the fruits of life all of a sudden. This happens because it's a step by step process.  Daniel's Kindness : Daniel literally was the synonym for kindness. He shared his food with birds and animals whenever he had. There were a lot of brids, squirrels, dogs and cats always as visitors to Daniel's house. The cash he earnt actually spent on food for all these animals and birds and he lived with no savings at all. Future appeared to be bleak for Daniel. He was extremely happy whenever he could see the daily visitors in the form of birds and animals.
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A wasteful weed

Abdu's Smile Damu was a leading business man in a region and a socially prominent figure. Damu was not born rich. Whatever he gained was through his own attempt. It was he who controlled most of the businesses in the region. People always looked at him with due respect and admiration. Damu always used his social support to have his political clout. Sooner than later, he became one of the dignitaries and a close associate of the king of the region.  Damu makes a negative change : You are supposed to make changes and this is how you grow in your life. It's your choice whether you have to make a positive change or the negative one. In Dumu's case, he unfortunately made a negative move. Damu developed some kind of superiority complex in such a way that he started viewing the world with the bipolar division of superiority and inferiority. He started hating the poor and the destitute for no apparent reason. He started assessing his entire life on the basis of

Abdu's Smile

What is Spirituality? Born as an orphan, Abdu was ugly looking especially when it comes to the traditional beauty standards. Orphanage and its people were Abdu's world . A third grade world always mocked Abdu, especially the way he walked and the way he behaved. The only response Abdu had was always a smile on his face. Abdu spoke with a slight lisp and walked with a pronounced limp.  Abdu's Life : The orphanage Abdu grew in, had different spiritual leaders coming at the weekend. Abdu was always curious about what they spoke. This is how he got the message that everything was his extension. The message got fixed in Abdu's consciousness   unshakeably. Moving on, Abdu started practicing the message. After having finished his primary education, Abdu became a tailor. He was an artist by passion. He actually took tailoring to a new extent. The way he did clothing was praiseworthy and his embroidery work on clothes was so famous that he received clients direc

What is Spirituality?

It appears that many people do have a lot more questions in terms of what spirituality is or what spiritual knowledge is. It's so funny to see that people ask such questions especially when they are eternal spiritual beings in their true selves. Life is, actually speaking, a rediscovery you do. The peculiarity of a human birth is the fact that you are way more self aware, compared to other organisms on the planet. Even with a human body, there are people who don't know anything about  spirituality and are passed away. Spiritual awakening or awareness is an evolutionary trait, a human has. You need to be karmically qualified to be spiritually aware, otherwise you tend to spend your life with more material orientation .  A) What spirituality is : Spirituality is the awareness that you are not your body but a visitant inside a chosen body. And you have selected your particular body according to the quality of your Karma, with the purpose of getting evolved furth